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Director of Foreign Trade
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for participating in the company's strategic planning and implementation, system construction, mode promotion and demand management;

2. Integrate the internal and external resources of the company, play central role, take charge of the daily operation and management of the Beijing sales center, establish and optimize the operation standard system, and develop the international market;

3. Implement and monitor the market situation and ensure the achievement of the company’s sales task;

4. Responsible for coordinating and managing the management and construction of the company’s operation team, carrying out performance management and responsibility allocation to managers at all levels, and assisting the formulation of the department assessment system and implementation rules;

5. Organize the establishment of internal and external communication channels and public relations, master information, improve management and enhance the management level of the company by using supervision, inspection, communication coordination and other ways;

6. Responsible for the information of the newly developed projects and other tasks.


1. Age between 28-40 years old, bachelor degree or above, foreign trade, medicine and other related majors;

2. Be familiar with daily operation standard of sales center and export operation management system of API and intermediate, and have more than 2 years’ experience of foreign trade operation management;

3. Have non-regulatory market operation experience of API or intermediate;

4. Be equipped with market sensitivity, familiar with market dynamics, understand the changes of market demands, and can propose various contingency measures according to market competition needs;

5. Have strong capacity in leading, judgement, public relations and decision-making;

6. Have good capability of communication and coordination, making immediate response and business negotiation;

7. Be proficient in English.

Annual salary RMB 350,000 above (base salary + performance + equity incentive)

Working place: Haidian District, Beijing

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